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Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

AFES Meeting: 12th May 2021

Slides are available on the SPWLA website:  Unlocking Data Analytics for the Automatic Evaluation of Cement Bond (knowledgette.com)  

AFES Meeting: 14th April 2021

Technical Talk: Intelligent Wireline Formation Testing Platform – Emilie Peyret & Haroon Bajwa, Schlumberger   Link to register for online technical talk:  event now closed   This event was well attended.  The presenters were unable to share the slides.  if you have any queries or questions about the presentation, please contact AFES and we’ll try…
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AFES Meeting: 11th March 2021

Slides available here: http://www.afes.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Presentation_A_Ortiz-2020-AFES.pdf

Technical Talk:  Vassilios Kelessidis (SPE Distinguished Lecturer) 

Technical talk:  Vassilios Kelessidis (SPE Distinguished Lecturer)  ‘Drilling Optimization Revisited: How Close Are we to Drilling Optimization While Drilling (DOWD)’ Link to youtube recording: contact AFES Link to slides: contact AFES ABSTRACT Drilling engineers and companies strive towards drilling optimization since the era of drilling, with continuous improvements over the years. Drilling engineers generate big…
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Technical Talk:  Epslog Engineering: Early Trans-Disciplinary High Resolution Core Logs To Steer The Core Analysis Workflow

Technical Talk:  Epslog Engineering: Early Trans-Disciplinary High Resolution Core Logs To Steer The Core Analysis Workflow Link to slides is here: EPSLOG_GENERAL CORE DNA AFES 2020 Link to youtube movie is here: https://youtu.be/09cUHNfGskE Abstract: During this webinar, author will present case studies of the CoreDNA solution that equip core specialists with trans-disciplinary, quantitative, high-resolution core-logs to help…
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Technical Talk: Beverley Heeley & Tim Farrar, READ Cased Hole

Link to slides is here:  AFES November Tech Talk #2 -READ CASED HOLE

Technical Talk: Nixan Saxena / Matthias Appel, Shell (SPWLA Distinguished Speaker)

Due to confidentiality reasons we are unable to post Mattias’s slide/video of the talk.  If you have any queries about the talk please get in touch with us at AFES (involved@afes.org.uk) and we can assist in directing your queries to Mattias at Shell.

AFES 2018 Seminar – Formation Testing

This seminar aims to clarify concepts we all thought we knew, and trigger discussions about Formation Testing. Date: Wednesday 25th April 2018 – All Day Location: Station Hotel, Guild Street, Aberdeen Cost: £70 if paid in advance, or £70 at the door Start Program: 09:00 Coffee/Registration, 9:30 Kick-Off Speaker/poster presenters at the seminar include: Michael…
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Photos from the April Monthly AFES Meeting

Another great turnout for our April monthly talk. Many thanks to Mohammed Reza Saberi from CGG for his interesting discussion generating talk on Rock Physics Integration. Keep an eye out for the May Talk announcement and hope to see you all again at the 2018 AFES Seminar on Formation Testing, this coming Wednesday 25th April at…
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AFES Meeting: 11th April, 2018

Date: 11th April, 2018 Venue: Cairngorm Room, Station Hotel, 78 Guild Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6GN Timing: 6pm for 6:30pm Title: Rock Physics Integration: from Petrophysics to Simulation Speaker: Mohammed Reza Saberi (Rock Physicist – CGG) Abstract: The science of rock physics creates a bridge between elastic properties (e.g. Vs/Vp, seismic, elastic moduli etc.) and reservoir (e.g. porosity,…
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