Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting: 14th March, 2018

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

Date: 14th March, 2018

Venue: Cairngorm Room, Station Hotel, 78 Guild Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6GN

Timing: 6pm for 6:30pm

Title: Magnetic Resonance While Drilling: Planning, Measurement and Interpretation

Speaker: Alex Latimer (Consultant – Halliburton)

Abstract: For Measurement While Drilling & Logging While Drilling services; Magnetic Resonance measures bound and free fluid volumes to provide clay bound, capillary bound and total porosities while drilling, alongside a permeability indication, ultimately to determine reservoir quality. Fields which have shown ambiguous conventional triple combo data are prime candidates for magnetic resonance, but what is involved in planning, running and interpreting magnetic resonance while drilling jobs? This general introduction to magnetic resonance will describe what is involved to successfully plan and interpret MLWD magnetic resonance jobs.

Biography: Alec graduated as a Geologist from Royal Holloway (RHBNC), University of London. He moved to Aberdeen to work for Corex (Formation Damage Group) investigating results of return permeability tests on core plugs by using SEM, CryoSEM and Thin Section. Then joined Halliburton in 2006 as a Log Analyst, overseeing quality control of Gamma Ray, Resistivity, Nuclear and Sonic data from MLWD tools. In 2010, Alec commuted to Angola for 3 years to support pressure while drilling, fluid sampling, magnetic resonance and sonic data processing and interpretation. Alec now works for the Formation Reservoir Solutions group at Halliburton, providing formation evaluation support to clients in the UK and Europe.

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