Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting: Valentine’s Wednesday 14th February, 2018

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

Date: 14th February, 2018

Venue: Cairngorm Room, Station Hotel, 78 Guild Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6GN

Timing: 6pm  for 6:30pm

Title: Evaluating thin bed pay in deep-water sandstones of the Forties reservoir of Callanish & Enochdhu

Speaker: Marta Prymak

Abstract: Petrophysical evaluation of thin-bedded reservoirs is a challenge in the absence of advanced logging tool measurements such as Image Logging, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) or Triaxial Resistivity. This case study presents an example of an approach taken using Thomas-Stieber model (1975) and Klein model (1991). Sand fraction, sand fraction porosity and sand fraction resistivity were corrected for tool resolution in vertical wells. Additionally, in horizontal wells, resistivity measurements were corrected for the electrical anisotropy effects taking into consideration the macroanisotropy between sands and shales, and microanisotropy within sand and shale beds.

Biography: Marta moved to Scotland from Poland in 2012 to pursue an undergraduate geology degree at the University of Aberdeen, graduating in 2016. She recently completed her MSc in Petroleum Geoscience at Imperial College London. Her interest in petrophysics expanded during the masters degree and she was given the opportunity to tackle an interesting and challenging petrophysical project for her thesis, hosted by ConocoPhillips in Aberdeen

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