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Student Bursary Requests

To support our aim of promoting education in the areas of petrophysics and formation evaluation, AFES offers bursaries to MSc students and partial PhD funding.

MSc, PhD and Academic Institutions funding requests are accepted and considered throughout the year.

Read on to find out more, and links to application forms.

MSc Students

AFES currently offers a student bursary to MSc students.  This is offered to students at Scottish universities (London Petrophysics Society (LPS www.lps.org.uk) generally supports students south of the border). To be eligible, you must have a significant petrophysics component in your Masters project. Successful candidates will demonstrate that their project has a practical application of petrophysics and show an interest in the broader discipline of petrophysics. The successful students will be invited to give a brief presentation at an AFES evening event. The amount currently available is up to £1000 per student.

Applicants will find application forms in link below.

PhD students

AFES also offers partial funding for students who are undertaking a PhD in Petrophysics, Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering or Petroleum Engineering. The subject areas may include (but not limited to) using log/core data to discriminate facies characteristics within a field, using SCAL data, image log data, saturation height functions, reservoir quality, seismic rock properties, rock mechanics, production logging, determining petrophysical uncertainties etc.

The amount is up to £2000 per student per year. 

Our selection criteria are:
•   Is the candidate known to AFES or SPWLA, and do they attend our events and/or take an active role in the Petrophysical community in Scotland?
•   Does the thesis contain a ‘significant’ amount of Petrophysics, specifically does it advance our knowledge of Formation Evaluation?
•   Has the applicant received funding from any other source?

Applicants will find application forms in link below. 

AFES – University Funding

AFES also has money available for funding equipment, wider projects, courses or field trips that have a significant petrophysical and/or STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) component to them.

This is not limited to tertiary education, we will also consider applications from secondary and primary education schools.

If you have a project or an idea that requires funding, please submit a brief proposal to AFES University Liason Officer (Email link below). This will be reviewed by the AFES committee and funds allocated at the discretion of the committee. Funding is available throughout the year.


Please fill this out and send it to our University Liaison Officer (funding@afes.org.uk).
Any decision to award funding is at the discretion of the AFES committee.

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