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Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

AFES Meeting: 13th November, 2019

Slides available for download here:    Mud Gas Interpretation_General Integrating Surface and Downhole Measurements for Reservoir Fluid Characterization While Drilling Maneesh Pisharat, Domain Champion (Europe & Africa), GSS – Surface  Formation Evaluation, Schlumberger Abstract: New designs in mud gas systems have been instrumental in providing quality data for interpretation purpose. Lighter hydrocarbons accessible to advanced mud…
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AFES AGM 9th October.  A review of the AFES year, plus an off topic speaker (title:  Looking Glass – A Boy’s Own Adventure by Peter Cranston).  

AFES Meeting: 18th September, 2019

  The evening’s talk will be given by Gaia Earth Science’s Guy Wheater.  Guy will present and discuss wireline cable sticking risk assessment & mitigation – a system to enable wireline deployment in challenging and tortuous well bores: “Stuck cable can be hugely problematic during wireline operations. It can result in cancelled surveys, fishing operations…
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AFES 2019 Fieldtrip – Stonehaven, Tuesday 2nd July 2019 @ 16:00

After the original Field Trip was postponed due to poor weather (from 30th May). we managed to re-schedule for a cracking evening on 2nd July – c/w fish & chips after the event!   AFES members and fieldtrip participants;  please note that unfortunately, due to poor forecasted weather conditions, we have cancelled this fieldtrip.  The…
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May Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks Jonas Kaiser from BHGE for his presentation on advanced mud gas analysis techniques, and also our May student presentation from Xanat Zacarias-Hernandez from Aberdeen University, on fracture/matrix fluid exchange dynamics.   Abstract: Surface logging technologies such as mud gas analysis are able to provide a fast and cost-effective input for reservoir evaluation. Recent…
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April Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks Girvani Manoharan and Anelechi Ibekwe, our April student speakers from Aberdeen University. Two very interesting and very well received talks, great work!   Abstract: The presence of fractures significantly influences the flow of fluids in a reservoir because of the large contrast in transmissibility between the fracture and the matrix. Therefore, more accurate…
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AFES COMMITTEE MEETING 26th March 2019 Minutes of meeting Present G Blower, J Banks, K Constantinos, E Downer, D Denison, N Cardy, C Lindsay Absent M Ferris, S Morrison, S Morris, Chee Kong, J Titjen, E Heydari, R Arnold   Agenda point – Database, membership and survey monkey update, comments and results. Discussed – Survey…
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March Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks to our March speaker, our own Stephen Morris, for a highly informative presentation on new developments in high-resolution LWD acoustic borehole imaging. and its applications. Very much appreciated Stephen!


AFES COMMITTEE MEETING Wednesday 20th February 2019 Minutes of Meeting Present: Chair – Greg Blower (generated MoM) Chee Kong Chen Morris, Stephen Damien Dennison Ebrahim Heydari Kostas Christou Neil Cardy Richard Arnold Sean Little John Banks   Openfield/Read evening seminar 13th Feb.       Success. 30 folk in room. Read will pay – thanks.…
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AFES COMMITTEE MEETING Tuesday, 29th January 2019 Minutes of Meeting Present Greg, Chee Kong, Sean, Craig, Michelle, Richard, Neil, Damien Apologies Ebrahim, Kostas, John, Ed Upcoming seminar – Theme chosen (Petrophysics in late life/mature fields), abstract flyer out. Crowne Plaza booked 24th April. Marketing and distribution of flyers. Please promote within your own circles, including…
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