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Sponsoring AFES

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

As a sponsor of the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society (registered Scottish Charity SC039526) your company is both supporting and benefiting from an organisation that since the early 1980s has been active in promoting the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation through various educational formats; all of which have been well received and supported over the years.
AFES, the local Scottish chapter of SPWLA (Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts) organise free monthly meetings and occasional pay-for-entry seminars and since 2004 have been assisting with the organization of the annual DEVEX sub-surface conference jointly supported by SPE, PESGB and AFES.

At the heart of AFES activities is the support of the three main Scottish universities that teach petrophysics and formation evaluation, namely Heriot-Watt, Robert Gordon and Aberdeen universities. Over the past years, AFES has donated thousands of pounds to these establishments for equipment purchases and in support of research and students, all of which benefit our discipline and industry as a whole.
Many of you are sustaining sponsors and for your continued support we thank you and ask you again to take the opportunity to be associated with this dedicated and successful organisation. If you are looking to sponsor AFES for the first time and would like some more information you can contact me using the e-mail link below where I would be happy to tell you about all the things we are up to and how being a sponsor of AFES can benefit your company.
Thank you for your support.
John Banks, Sponsorship
To become a sponsor, please contact John here

Sponsor AFES


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Our support to AFES is driven by our wish to communicate and share information, experiences and ideas with other expertise to enrich and improve capability to provide valuable insight for defining reservoir and petrophysical properties, planning completion and production, and maintaining well integrity’


We are a world-leading provider of independent cased hole data analytics services and we have been supporting operators and service companies all over the world for 30 years. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of data processing, analysis and interpretation solutions for well integrity evaluation, production logging and reservoir surveillance. All our services are underpinned by robust quality management and further strengthened by our Fast Turn Around service that delivers critical information in a matter of hours. Our diverse, international team comprises 15 independent log analysis experts with more than 150 years of collective experience, based at data hubs in the UK, US and Middle East. Their unique and extensive mix of knowledge and skills offers the very best impartial, accurate diagnostics to help clients make the best informed decisions. ANSA is the perfect partner to fulfil all your well integrity data analysis, production logging data analysis, reservoir evaluation data analysis, and P&A log analysis requirements.

Gaia Earth Group

Formation evaluation is one of the most important processes after a well has been drilled and therefore, managing and assuring this process is a key factor in the overall success of the operations. Gaia wishes to participate actively in supporting AFES because we recognise this and feel that our worldwide expertise in wireline logging and M/LWD QA/QC can be shared with AFES members both old and new.”

Stuart Huyton, Director and Founder of Gaia