Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting: 13th February, 2019

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


Production logging in highly deviated and horizontal are known to be challenging. While conventional array tools have improved to provide answer in some wells, challenge remain with very long tool strings and limitation of sensors. The presentation will introduce a new instrumentation technology using microelectro-mechanical system (MEMS). The technology offers an ultracompact and modular array flow sensor platform, with up to 10 times reduction in tool string length, along with introduction of novel measurements. A series of examples from deployments in various continents are shown highlighting the potential of the of technology.


Emmanuel Tavernier is R&D manager at OpenField. He holds a PhD from the Université de Marne-la-Vallée in microsystems in the development of a downhole CO2 optical microsensor and spent eight years with Schlumberger on the development of microsensors.

Chee Kong Chen is a senior Cased Hole Analyst at Read Cased Hole in Aberdeen, UK. As a petrophysicist, Chee Kong has held various positions across the industry with Shell, Weatherford and Dana Petroleum. He holds a Bachelor in Chemical-Gas Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


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