Aberdeen, UK

Author: Jeremy Titjen

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

AFES 2019 Fieldtrip – Stonehaven, Tuesday 2nd July 2019 @ 16:00

After the original Field Trip was postponed due to poor weather (from 30th May). we managed to re-schedule for a cracking evening on 2nd July – c/w fish & chips after the event!   AFES members and fieldtrip participants;  please note that unfortunately, due to poor forecasted weather conditions, we have cancelled this fieldtrip.  The…
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May Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks Jonas Kaiser from BHGE for his presentation on advanced mud gas analysis techniques, and also our May student presentation from Xanat Zacarias-Hernandez from Aberdeen University, on fracture/matrix fluid exchange dynamics.   Abstract: Surface logging technologies such as mud gas analysis are able to provide a fast and cost-effective input for reservoir evaluation. Recent…
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April Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks Girvani Manoharan and Anelechi Ibekwe, our April student speakers from Aberdeen University. Two very interesting and very well received talks, great work!   Abstract: The presence of fractures significantly influences the flow of fluids in a reservoir because of the large contrast in transmissibility between the fracture and the matrix. Therefore, more accurate…
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March Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks to our March speaker, our own Stephen Morris, for a highly informative presentation on new developments in high-resolution LWD acoustic borehole imaging. and its applications. Very much appreciated Stephen!

AFES Meeting: 13th March, 2019

TEST TEST Abstract: Recent developments in LWD imaging technology have enable the acquisition of high-resolution acoustic borehole image logs in both water-based and oil-based mud.  The upgraded tool records acoustic amplitude, travel-time and sensor spatial position data in high frequency, from which it is possible to make borehole images with 256 azimuthal sector sampling.  Additionally,…
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Technical Talk: February 2019 Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks to our February speakers Emmanuel Tavernier and our own Chee-Kong Chen, for an exciting presentation on technology developments in production logging using microelectro-mechanical systems and it’s potential future applications. Very much appreciated Emmanuel & Chee-Kong! “Efficiency Improvements in Production Profiling Using Ultracompact Flow Array Sensing Technology”

January Monthly AFES Meeting

A belated, but very big thank you to our January speaker David Dangfa, for presenting on an innovative P&A approach, using salt as natural zonal barrier. Many thanks David!

AFES Meeting: 13th February, 2019

Abstract: Production logging in highly deviated and horizontal are known to be challenging. While conventional array tools have improved to provide answer in some wells, challenge remain with very long tool strings and limitation of sensors. The presentation will introduce a new instrumentation technology using microelectro-mechanical system (MEMS). The technology offers an ultracompact and modular…
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AFES Meeting: 16th January, 2019

Abstract: At the end of the production life of a field, it is mandatory to abandon the well(s) to avoid the escape of formation fluids to surface and maintain well integrity. Appropriate barriers (mechanical or natural) are required across various intervals with flow potential for safe abandonment. At times, remedial operations such as perf-wash and/or…
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December Monthly AFES Meeting

?Happy New Years? to all our members & friends, and a belated thanks to our December speaker Logan Tippett from Weatherford for his very interesting discussion on slimhole formation sampling and pressure testing. Many thanks Logan!