Aberdeen, UK

Author: Jeremy Titjen

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

AFES Meeting: 12th December, 2018

Abstract: This presentation is intended to highlight a reduced risk approach for obtaining PVT samples on Wireline.  By combining a slim formation tester with the ability to run through the inside of Drill Pipe, it becomes possible to obtain fluid samples without several risks inherent to running Wireline.  This technique has been successfully used for…
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17th Annual AFES Quiz Night – 6th December 2018

17th Annual AFES Quiz Night All Profits will go to Aberdeen Children’s Hospital A.R.C.H.I.E. Fund Register your team at  secretary@afes.org.uk Prizes for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Best Fancy Dress team The Ballroom, Station Hotel (Guild Street – opposite the train station) Thu 6th December2018, 6.30 PM Teams of up to 5 (£30/team) light buffet…
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November Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks to Carlos Maeso for his interesting presentation on technology advances in borehole imaging while drilling in oil based mud environments and case study examples.

AFES Meeting: 14th November, 2018

Abstract: Borehole image logs are widely used for lithofacies characterization, structural analysis and geomechanics. Until recently, obtaining high-resolution images in oil-base mud while drilling has been challenging. This has been overcome by a new LWD tool which implements a dual physics approach (including both resistivity and ultrasonic images). The methods used to acquire these images…
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AFES AGM: October 2018

Agenda: 1.Annual Reports (President & Treasurer’s) 2.Election of New Committee Members 3.Vote on proposed Charter Agreement with SPWLA 4.Keynote speech: Ian Phillips, OGIC   Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society is a registered Scottish Charity. Charity number SC039526 www.afes.org.uk

September Monthly AFES Meeting

Many thanks to Ebrahim Heydari for his interesting discussion and case study presentation on rock typing, showing its importance in successful reservoir modeling and the value to field development and water injection projects.

AFES Meeting: 12th September, 2018

Abstract: The ultimate objective of rock typing is to drive a framework for rock property distribution within 3D reservoir models that both honours the well data and predicts reservoir properties in un-cored wells and between wells (Hollis et al., 2010). Rock typing is an important input to successful reservoir study, drilling, production and water injection.…
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University of Aberdeen – MSc Integrated Petroleum Geology Conference Day, 14 August 2018

MSc Integrated Petroleum Geology Conference day 14 August 2018; 9am – 5pm Meston and Fraser Nobel Building , Old Aberdeen, University of Aberdeen The University of Aberdeen is pleased to announce that the MSc Integrated Petroleum Geology research projects mini-conference will he held on the 14 August 2018 This is a showcase of the 2018…
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AFES Meeting: 16th May, 2018

Abstract: Well Integrity is an increasingly significant matter in the mature fields of the North Sea over the last few years. Halliburton has developed a range of different diagnostic tools suitable to characterize wellbore integrity focusing on casing inspection, cement evaluation, leak detection and corrosion evaluation. For corrosion evaluation, Halliburton has developed and commercially deployed…
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AFES 2018 Seminar – Formation Testing

This seminar aims to clarify concepts we all thought we knew, and trigger discussions about Formation Testing. Date: Wednesday 25th April 2018 – All Day Location: Station Hotel, Guild Street, Aberdeen Cost: £70 if paid in advance, or £70 at the door Start Program: 09:00 Coffee/Registration, 9:30 Kick-Off Speaker/poster presenters at the seminar include: Michael…
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