Aberdeen, UK

Author: Greg Blower

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

AFES Meeting: 14th April 2021

Technical Talk: Intelligent Wireline Formation Testing Platform – Emilie Peyret & Haroon Bajwa, Schlumberger   Link to register for online technical talk:  event now closed   This event was well attended.  The presenters were unable to share the slides.  if you have any queries or questions about the presentation, please contact AFES and we’ll try…
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Technical Talk:  Vassilios Kelessidis (SPE Distinguished Lecturer) 

Technical talk:  Vassilios Kelessidis (SPE Distinguished Lecturer)  ‘Drilling Optimization Revisited: How Close Are we to Drilling Optimization While Drilling (DOWD)’ Link to youtube recording: contact AFES Link to slides: contact AFES ABSTRACT Drilling engineers and companies strive towards drilling optimization since the era of drilling, with continuous improvements over the years. Drilling engineers generate big…
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Technical Talk:  Epslog Engineering: Early Trans-Disciplinary High Resolution Core Logs To Steer The Core Analysis Workflow

Technical Talk:  Epslog Engineering: Early Trans-Disciplinary High Resolution Core Logs To Steer The Core Analysis Workflow Link to slides is here: EPSLOG_GENERAL CORE DNA AFES 2020 Link to youtube movie is here: https://youtu.be/09cUHNfGskE Abstract: During this webinar, author will present case studies of the CoreDNA solution that equip core specialists with trans-disciplinary, quantitative, high-resolution core-logs to help…
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AFES Virtual Meeting: 5th August, 2020 (post)

AFES plan to host SPWLA Distinguished Speaker Harry Xie (CoreLab) via Webinar. “Investigation of Physical Properties of Hydrocarbons in Unconventional Mudstones Using Two-Dimensional NMR Relaxometry” Link to recorded talk:  https://youtu.be/BGCeql4eQSg ABSTRACT Understanding of organic matter properties is crucial in characterization of unconventional plays. It is always a challenge for petrophysicists to differentiate and quantify mobile…
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AFES Meeting: 11th March, 2020

Nigel Clegg Final Piece of the Puzzle   <- download slides Abstract: Optimal well placement requires three-dimensional (3-D) spatial knowledge of the reservoir formation and fluids. Current one-dimensional (1-D) inversions of ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity logging-while-drilling data recover formation boundaries above and below the wellbore only, 1-D modelling, by definition, does not account for any lateral variations.…
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AFES Meeting: 15th January, 2020

Haliburton talk on Artificial Intelligence Abstract Knowledge of the lithology of the subsurface is essential for exploring for and developing hydrocarbons. It helps us better understand depositional environments, matrix and fluid compositions, production characteristics, and ultimately exploitation potential. In the subsurface, the interpretation of wireline data plays a critical role in deriving this insight. However,…
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AFES Christmas Quiz 2019

Much fun and entertainment, including a sing-off tie breaker at the 2019 AFES Christmas Quiz. Taqa took home the winner’s hampers.  

AFES Meeting: 13th November, 2019

Slides available for download here:    Mud Gas Interpretation_General Integrating Surface and Downhole Measurements for Reservoir Fluid Characterization While Drilling Maneesh Pisharat, Domain Champion (Europe & Africa), GSS – Surface  Formation Evaluation, Schlumberger Abstract: New designs in mud gas systems have been instrumental in providing quality data for interpretation purpose. Lighter hydrocarbons accessible to advanced mud…
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AFES AGM 9th October.  A review of the AFES year, plus an off topic speaker (title:  Looking Glass – A Boy’s Own Adventure by Peter Cranston).  

AFES Meeting: 18th September, 2019

  The evening’s talk will be given by Gaia Earth Science’s Guy Wheater.  Guy will present and discuss wireline cable sticking risk assessment & mitigation – a system to enable wireline deployment in challenging and tortuous well bores: “Stuck cable can be hugely problematic during wireline operations. It can result in cancelled surveys, fishing operations…
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