Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting: 11th March, 2020

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

Nigel Clegg Final Piece of the Puzzle   <- download slides

Abstract: Optimal well placement requires three-dimensional (3-D) spatial knowledge of the reservoir formation and fluids. Current one-dimensional (1-D) inversions of ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity logging-while-drilling data recover formation boundaries above and below the wellbore only, 1-D modelling, by definition, does not account for any lateral variations. These lateral variations can have a significant impact on well placement and subsequent production-related decisions, such as where a change in well azimuth could be more beneficial than a change in inclination during drilling.  This paper presents the industry’s first such 3-D inversion of ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity LWD data. The case study describes a complex reservoir with significant sub-seismic faulting and a long history of water injection, resulting in significant fluid substitution within the reservoir formations.

BiographyNigel Clegg

Nigel Clegg is the well placement subject matter expert and ultra-deep resistivity product champion for Halliburton. He began working with Sperry Drilling (now Halliburton) in 1996 as an SDL field engineer in Norway, then moving on to work as a field service coordinator. Later, Nigel began working in geosteering, leading the Scandinavia geosteering team and supporting global operations. He assumed his present role in January 2017. Nigel holds an Honours BSc degree in environmental sciences with a geology major and a PhD degree in geology from the University of East Anglia (Norwich).

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