Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting – The Influence of Clay Mineralogy on Formation Damage – 4th February 2015

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

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The Influence of Clay Mineralogy on Formation Damage in North Sea Hydrocarbon Reservoir Sandstones

Station Hotel, Guild Street, Aberdeen. 4th of February from 6 for a 6.30pm start

A critical review of the clay mineralogy of North Sea reservoir sandstones reveals a predominance of kaolinitic and illitic minerals. These clay minerals are found principally in contrasting morphological and aggregate forms, with kaolinite occurring as euhedral, hexagonal crystals in book-like or vermiform aggregates, and illite as exceedingly thin filaments or laths arranged in a network that fills and bridges pore spaces. The nature and origin of these clay minerals will be discussed, in addition to their susceptibility to dispersion and migration within the reservoir sandstones thus bringing about pore blockage and reduction of permeability.


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  1. John Downs says:

    Could you send me a copy of the presentation slides, please ? Thanks and regards, John

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