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AFES Meeting – Rocks, Space and Connectivity– 12th February 2014

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

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Rocks, Space and Connectivity Meeting at the Station Hotel, Aberdeen. 12th of February at 6.30pm

Over the past few years, AFES has generously supported petrophysical research at the University of Aberdeen by providing grants to help purchase equipment and has also given bursaries to individual students. Additional funding for equipment has been provided by NERC, BG, Total and the University of Aberdeen.

A Petrophysics Laboratory has been developed by Dr Dave Healy which has the capability to analyse porosity, permeability, ultrasonic velocity (both Vp and Vs) under dry, and in the near future, fluid-saturated conditions. A further laboratory has been developed for mercury injection porosimetry analyses (£10,000). A new Optics Laboratory has been developed by Dr Joyce Neilson which includes new optical microscopy equipment, again partly funded by AFES (£9,000). These laboratories and this equipment play a key role in several ongoing petrophysical research projects.

A variety of research topics are being undertaken including:

  • Studying the effect that facies has on fault and fracture patterns in carbonates and how the petrophysics of these rocks alter around those zones.
  • Studying how the geometry of pores around faults in sandstones will affect the susceptibility of a fault to reactivation during increases in pore fluid pressure.
  • The quantification of the seismic velocity anisotropy caused by the mylonitic deformation of evaporites and estimation of the effects of such anisotropy on the seismic response by forward seismic modelling.

Brief highlights of these projects will be presented along with details of the laboratories themselves.


  • Download a Powerpoint file with information relating to the Meeting

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