Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting – Pressure communication and FWL detection in low mobility formations

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

Speaker: Virochan Ganjoo, Baker Hughes

In 2014 an exploration well was drilled on the northern flank of the Cygnus Field in the UK North Sea. Cygnus is the largest offshore gas field to be discovered in the Southern North Sea in the last 25 years and is expected to contribute 5% to UK gas production in future. The objectives of logging this well were to investigate a possible extension of the main accumulation into a new fault block, pressure communication with the main Cygnus Field, and the possibility of a common Free Water Level (FWL). The primary reservoir target was the Lower Leman Sandstone (Rotliegendes) consisting of aeolian sands with permeabilities ranging from very low to high. The formation tester with latest packer technology was used to acquire data in this challenging and laminated reservoir. This talk will focus on the pre-job work and post job analysis of this operation.
Viroshan Ganjoo completed a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. After graduation, he started his career as field engineer in Baker Hughes Drilling Services and later moved to Geoscience group overseeing formation testing and sampling operations on Wireline as well as LWD. Presently working as Reservoir Engineering Geoscientist looking after Formation Testing and Sampling operations in UK, Norway, and Continental Europe.

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