Aberdeen, UK

AFES Committee Meeting 5th of December 2017

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


  • Neil Cardy (SC)
  • Jamie Miller (Sponsoring)
  • Jeremy Titjens (Media)
  • Stephen Morris (VP Seminars)
  • Stephanie Morris (SC Media)
  • Chee Kong (SC)
  • Jan van der Wal(secretary)
  • Edward Downer (President)
  • Ross Kingsley (Student Representative)


  • Richard Arnold (Ex President)
  • Nicolas Backert (University Liaison)
  • John Banks (VP Technical)
  • Greg Blower (Treasurer)
  • Kostas Christou (Media)



OPEN ACTION POINTS previous meetings:

  • Need to contact sponsored students for 5/10 minute talks.


  • A profit was made of approximately £1100, which will all be donated to the Archie Foundation
  • Gold, silver, and bronze tables concept was successful (financially) but needs simplified and services to gold and silver table were not smooth.
  • Discuss wine arrangements further in advance with hotel bar.
  • Food could be served on platter to gold.
  • And gold and silver could be offered priority when going for the buffet.
  • Had not agreed on a time for the sandwiches.
  • RA will handover Check to Archie Foundation at Devex. Together with £10 for each speaker at last years Seminar.


  • Treasurer moved various Paypal balances to banc account
  • Removed dormant paypal accounts
  • Are looking into GiftAid
  • Hand held payment device will not be acquired due to 1) cost, and 2) complications (wifi?, speed,  receipts, administration etc.)
  • Seminar registration was succesful with PayPal. For upcoming seminar, we will use different registration fee for paying via PayPal and higher cash entrance fee at the door to attract more PayPal payments.
  • Action Greg to seek advice on potential investment of funds potential within CAF bank



  • Aiming for £10k
  • Need a concise letter. Who we are, what we do, why we approach, and what we offer
  • Action Jamie will draft letter and seek feedback. Cover letter plus details.
  • Action JB and Nicolas to chase previously sponsored students for 5/10 minute talks
  • Action: Potentially organise separate meeting for the students talk, or give them a slot before a technical meeting
  • How do sponsors need to administrate donations? Need charity code?
  • When approaching potential sponsors, Jamie will use the account involved@afes.org.uk
  • All agreed on a budget for Student Sponsoring of £8000
  • If we sponsor MSc and PhD then we expect 5 to 10 minute presentation at technical meetings.


Charter Agreement:

  • Most contentious issues from last years proposed charter have been addressed in the new charter
  • Remaining contentious points are
  • All committee members and sub committee members would need to be full, paying members of SPWLA. This is currently not the case.
  • AFES has always aimed to be broader than just for petrophysicists; as such we still fear losing non PP members
  • The Treasurer and Student position are typically held by non SPWLA members. Can we sponsor the Treasurer and Student position from within AFES?
  • Can we exempt the subcommittee?
  • Can we propose a transition period?
  • Ed to discuss charter with John and Richard



  • Team very active, thanks from president
  • Media communication lines set up in a Trello group. Trello relates to WordPress which is used for the website.
  • Action: New LinkedIn group. Old LinkedIn was a ‘closed group’ and cannot be accessed it to open it up
  • Action look at date of event/posting
  • Action see if all slide packs from the Net seminar can be placed on the website for download


Student Events:

  • Can we organise industry visit events for the students?
  • Action: Jamie chat with Richard


Upcoming Seminar:

  • No topic yet
  • Action: All, please contact Stephen Morris with ideas.
  • Tentative date 25/or 26 of April, two weeks before Devex.


New Team Member:

  • Michelle Ferris, core analysist at LR, has indicated she would like to join the subcommittee. She is welcomed in the team.



Next committee meeting Monday 8th of January 18:00-19:00.


If anyone would like to place a topic on the agenda for next meeting, please contact Jan at Secretary@AFES.org.uk


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