Aberdeen, UK

AFES Committee Meeting 11th of April 2018

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


Edward Downer (President), Jamie Miller (Sponsoring), Stephen Morris (VP Seminars), Chee Kong (SC), Greg Blower (Treasurer), Michelle Ferris (Secretary), Craig Lindsay (SC), Jeremy Titjen (Media Officer)


Richard Arnold (Past President), John Banks (VP Technical), Tegwyn Perkins (Technical Support), Ross Kingsley (Student Representative), Derek Littlejohn (SC), Konstantinos Christou (SC), Neil Cardy (SC), Stephanie Morris (SC), Nicolas Backert (SC)

Minutes Committee Meeting

11 April 2018

  • Upcoming Seminar:
    • Committee members should pay to attend
    • Archie donations instead of speaker’s gifts
  • Finances
    • AFES meeting food and drink currently cost between £350 – £400 per evening. Do we think this is worth the money?
    • Annual insurance as per last year (£489) (includes insurance for Devex)
  • Sponsoring
    • Need to agree on a targeted approach to sell sponsorship
    • Action: ED and JM compile a list of company contacts (see John for sponsorship list)
  • Media
    • Action: New LinkedIn group.
  • Next Meeting with Seminar Debrief
    • Next meeting date TBC

If anyone would like to place a topic on the agenda for next meeting, please contact Michelle at Secretary@AFES.org.uk

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