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Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

What is AFES?

As a chapter of the SPWLA, AFES is actively involved in the promotion for the public benefit, education and knowledge in the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation.

What do we do?

AFES putsĀ its money where its mouth is by focusing its financial sponsorship of education in formation evaluation at the three main Scottish universities which teach petrophysics and formation evaluation, namely Heriot Watt, Robert Gordon and Aberdeen universities. Over the years, AFES has donated thousands of pounds to these establishments for equipment and research. In addition to this we have supported a number of student forums, field trips and equipment requests.

Students are also encouraged to attend our monthly meetings to keep in touch with their needs and to help with their integration into the professional world of Exploration and Production. These monthly meetings, one day seminars and Annual DEVEX conference provide an opportunity for industry professionals to broaden or refresh their technical skills and are pitched across the full spectrum of petrophysical abilities with presentations from world experts to ‘beginners guides’. See our Next AFES meeting link on the home page.

In all of these activities, AFES is keen to address the continuing education needs of industry professionals and support the teaching of the next generation. The success of AFES in accomplishing these objectives is due to the participation, involvement and support of members, colleagues and companies who attend our events. To them, our thanks and long may it continue!

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A copy of the AFES constitution can be downloaded here

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