Welcome to the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

a chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts.

  • May 2019 monthly AFES meeting (Greg Blower with Jonas Kaiser In the left photo, and Xanat Zacarias-Hernandez right photo)

    May 2019 monthly AFES meeting (Greg Blower with Jonas Kaiser In the left photo, and Xanat Zacarias-Hernandez right photo)

  • April 2019 monthly AFES meeting (Greg Blower with Girvani Manoharan In the left photo, and Anelechi Ibekwe right photo)

    April 2019 monthly AFES meeting (Greg Blower with Girvani Manoharan In the left photo, and Anelechi Ibekwe right photo)
    Wednesday 10th April, Cairngorm Room, Station Hotel,

  • March 2019 monthly AFES meeting (Neil Cardy left, Stephen Morris right)

    March 2019 monthly AFES meeting (Neil Cardy left, Stephen Morris right)
    Wednesday 13th March, Cairngorm Room, Station Hotel,

  • February Monthly AFES Meeting

    February Monthly AFES Meeting

  • January Monthly AFES Meeting

    January Monthly AFES Meeting

AFES President’s Update July 15th 2019

Good Morning,

A general update on AFES activities in recent weeks, and future events:

  • Field trip (2nd July) – the field trip was a great success, thank you to those who joined.  We had great weather and a fantastic guided tour of the outcrops just north of Stonehaven, followed by fish & chips by the beach.  A lovely, informative evening
  • Next AFES event will be a workshop tour at the Altus Interventions workshop (Portlethen), on 4th September.   More details to follow
  • Following the workshop tour, we have the annual full day seminar ‘The Role of Petrophysics in Mature, Late Life Fields’ (call for abstracts attached), 11th September, Crowne Plaza, Aberdeen airport
  • We then resume our regular Wednesday evening presentations at the Station Hotel, Wednesday 18th September
  • The AFES AGM is now scheduled for 9th October at the Town & Country Room, Town House, Union Street.  Please do put a note in your diary for the event – a review of AFES’s year & an interesting off topic talk awaits…
  • AFES has been sponsoring a number of student’s over the recent months (MSc & PhD), by awarding grants to students with relevant dissertation topics.  We’ll review details of all students sponsored at the AGM.

We appreciate your support of AFES.  We are a volunteer committee, with a membership of ~170 persons.  AFES obviously depends on both the committee and the support of the membership for its health.  If you’d like to support AFES further, you can:

  • Suggest to your team/colleagues to subscribe to the AFES mailing list (easily done at http://www.afes.org.uk/membership/)
  • Simply attend the monthly Wednesday evening presentations – nibbles and drinks provided, plus a good networking opportunity
  • Suggesting/volunteering relevant talks for the Wednesday evening seminar presentation
  • Finally, volunteering to be on the AFES sub-committee

And please do feel free to get in touch.  Either through the website, or directly to myself.  I’m happy to hear people’s views, good, or areas for improvement to help make AFES a success.


Greg Blower, AFES President


AFES President’s Update June 11th 2019


A brief update on the recent AFES activities, and future events.

Unfortunately we, the AFES Committee, had to postpone the Stonehaven field trip due to bad weather.  Our planned afternoon of the 30th May was forecast rain, and unfortunately also was our contingent Friday 31st!  We will endeavour to regroup and host the field trip sometime in July, when weather and tides will play their part in a relaxing and informative evening.  Please watch out for firm updates, and then join us…. invite your colleagues, bring the kids…. even bring the dog – it will be a nice, sociable event.

SPWLA vote, as mentioned previously, was overwhelmingly to remain affiliated to SPWLA.  This does hold some administration, in the form the all AFES members should be either a SPWLA member, or a SPWLA affiliate member:

  • If you are already a SPWLA member, please log into www.spwla.org and select AFES as your local chapter in your membership profile
  • If you are not yet a member of SPWLA then please feel free to become an affiliate SPWLA member.  Affiliate membership is free, and can be organised here: https://www.spwla.org/SPWLA/Membership/Join_Now/Become_a_Member
  • If you are not yet a member of SPWLA you can of course opt for the paid, professional member ($100), again please follow the link above

Remaining a part of SPWLA does have benefits, one of these being access to both regional and distinguished speakers, so myself and the AFES team will be working to try to secure some of these speakers over the coming winter.

In more general terms, AFES has recently sponsored an MSc student and a PhD student, so we will look forwards to welcoming these individuals to present a short ‘warm up’ session at our Wednesday evening seminars, when they re-commence on September 18th.

Finally, if you are going to the LPS event on the 20th June (Piccadilly, London) then I’ll look forwards to seeing you there – should be a great event, organised by AFES’s sister organisation the London Petrophysical Society (lps.org.uk).


Greg Blower, AFES President


AFES President’s Update May 17th 2019

This week has hosted the SPWLA vote to the AFES membership:  The AFES membership (~170 people) were recently asked if they wanted to remain as an affiliated chapter to the larger SPWLA organization, or to leave SPWLA and become and stand-alone entity. We, the committee, closed the voting system on the afternoon of the 15th May, just before our monthly evening presentation.   At the close, 76 members had voted (using the Survey Monkey app) with a 79% majority in favour of remaining within the SPWLA, and thus accepting the updated SPWLA affiliation agreement. 21% voted to leave SPWLA and continue AFES as a independent entity.

This result – to remain with the SPWLA organization – means of course AFES can continue to support and draw from the SPWLA resources and network into the future. As AFES President I’ll be keen to use this network and to source the renown SPWLA distinguished speakers when appropriate.

Thank you to our membership for taking part in this survey.

On other AFES issues, we had two great speakers on the evening of Wednesday 15th May, so my thanks to Xanat (PhD student) and also Jonas (BHGE) for two interesting and informative talks.

Looking to the near future, AFES are holding the annual Field Trip (30th May), and full day Seminar on 11th September, with a (TBD!) Altus Interventions workshop tour hopefully very early September. Our Wednesday evening presentations are now adjourned for the Summer, but these will return also in September.


Greg Blower, AFES President


Welcome to the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society (AFES)

AFES President is a big step for me.  I’ve been in and out, and back into the industry since year 2000.  My MSc in Petroleum Engineering is almost done, the industry in general is picking up, and getting involved with AFES some 3 years ago really enabled me to ‘connect’ my day job (wireline), to the moonlighting (study), and to the industry here in Aberdeen.  So, I’m honoured to be asked to step up and follow in the footsteps of Ed Downer and Richard Arnold et al, in taking on the position of AFES President.

We have a good committee just now, enthusiastic and experienced.  I hope to channel this into continuing to deliver the quality evening presentations, and the annual full day seminars we produce.

I’m not going to pretend I’m an experienced petrophysics hand, I’m not (yet), but I can offer enthusiasm, and a tenacious presence at the helm of the organization.  My experience as being ‘just’ the wireline guy, with some academic study, will offer up to AFES a different slant than we’ve had before.  My vision, as always, is to educate, refresh and enthuse, and join the dots between people and entities, to understand what happens in the next subsurface department.

I have also learnt in the last few years that one’s network, and access to networks is crucial, and I hope my work with Devex will be a positive synergy to bring to AFES – of benefit to both entities.

Finally, please join us for our monthly winter evening seminars at the Station Hotel, with free nibbles and the odd complimentary drink.  Great topics and great networking to be had, just turn up, we’d be delighted to see you.

Recent AFES Events