Welcome to the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

a chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts.

As of 17th March 2020:

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the AFES Committee, with regret, have postponed the immediate AFES events:

1              PremierCorex laboratory tour (originally scheduled for 18th March) will be re-scheduled for later this year

2              The Full Day Seminar (“Cores and Coring”, originally scheduled for 2nd April) will be re-scheduled for later this year, most likely September.

3              The scheduled evening talk (originally scheduled for 22nd April) will be re-scheduled for later this year

This is a disappointment but AFES will re-schedule these events when appropriate and practical.


Greg Blower, AFES President



Some interesting events and talks coming up in March and April.  We have a SPWLA Distinguished Speaker (Nigel Clegg) this week (11th March) here in Aberdeen for an evening talk.  We then have a workshop tour at PremierCorex (limited to ten places).  Then, into April, AFES will be hosting the Spring full day seminar on cores  and coring.  We are delighted to offer delegates to the seminar 11 speakers with a great range and depth of knowledge.  We held the last seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (airport) and will do so for this event.

Devex is now almost fully organised and the programme will be released soon  –  www.devex-conference.org

We take a short break through June but then hope to welcome yet another SPWLS Distinguished Speaker in July, plus of course the annual field trip / Summer Social.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the events.



Greg Blower, AFES President


Welcome back All to 2020.

AFES has a busy schedule this year.  We kick off our Wednesday evening talk mid January with a talk on AI by Halliburton.  We then have a series of Wednesday evening talks by SPWLA Distinguished Speakers through the year.  We also just started planning a Full Day Seminar or Cores and Coring (April 2nd).  To complement the Coring seminar we’re also hoping to offer AFES members a core workshop tour, sometime Q1/Q2 2020.   Finally I’m also trying to find a good date for an evening social – currently February 20th, at Lane7 for some ten pin bowling and maybe a beer or two.

As usual please check this website (events page and calendar page) for more details.

Looking forwards to seeing you at the AFES events in 2020!

And feel free to get in touch.  Either through the website, or directly to myself.  I’m happy to hear people’s views:  good, or areas for improvement to help make AFES a success.


Greg Blower, AFES President



Welcome to the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society (AFES)

AFES President is a big step for me.  I’ve been in and out, and back into the industry since year 2000.  My MSc in Petroleum Engineering is almost done, the industry in general is picking up, and getting involved with AFES some 3 years ago really enabled me to ‘connect’ my day job (wireline), to the moonlighting (study), and to the industry here in Aberdeen.  So, I’m honoured to be asked to step up and follow in the footsteps of Ed Downer and Richard Arnold et al, in taking on the position of AFES President.

We have a good committee just now, enthusiastic and experienced.  I hope to channel this into continuing to deliver the quality evening presentations, and the annual full day seminars we produce.

I’m not going to pretend I’m an experienced petrophysics hand, I’m not (yet), but I can offer enthusiasm, and a tenacious presence at the helm of the organization.  My experience as being ‘just’ the wireline guy, with some academic study, will offer up to AFES a different slant than we’ve had before.  My vision, as always, is to educate, refresh and enthuse, and join the dots between people and entities, to understand what happens in the next subsurface department.

I have also learnt in the last few years that one’s network, and access to networks is crucial, and I hope my work with Devex will be a positive synergy to bring to AFES – of benefit to both entities.

Finally, please join us for our monthly winter evening seminars at the Station Hotel, with free nibbles and the odd complimentary drink.  Great topics and great networking to be had, just turn up, we’d be delighted to see you.

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