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SPWLA 2023 Fall Topical Conference

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


SPWLA 2023 Fall Topical Conference

8th/9th November, 2023



First, thank-you Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society (or AFES) for allowing SPWLA to host our Abstract Submission software on their website.  As you are probably aware we have recently opened the Call for Abstracts for the SPWLA 65th Annual Symposium in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and to avoid server conflicts we’re leveraging our colleagues website for the Fall Topical Conference.

The 2023 Fall Topical Conference will take the format of presentations and open discussion between experts from operator companies, service companies, and universities on a wide variety of topics surrounding the synergies between borehole imaging and borehole acoustics technology, including but not limited to:

  • Integrated fracture analysis using borehole images and sonic data
  • Geomechanics analysis from the combination of image features, rock mechanics and borehole stresses
  • Looking beyond the wellbore: Structural and stratigraphic interpretation combining borehole image data and acoustic far-field imaging
  • The application of machine learning and multi-physics approaches to borehole acoustics and image data. Could it allow us to do things we can not do now?
  • Role of borehole acoustics and image in CCS and geothermal technologies/workflows
  • Novel applications and new technical developments in either field

UPDATE: date for abstract submission is 2nd October, 2023.

To submit an abstract, please follow this link.

The event will take place at the Halliburton Campus at 3000 N. Sam Houston Parkway E., Houston, TX, 77032.  However, remote attendance options will be available for those not available to travel.

Details regarding the final agenda, registration, presentation duration, breakout/discussion format, etc. will be available shortly.  Please visit http://www.spwla.org for updated information, when available.

Please contact acoustics_sig@spwla.org or bhi_sig@spwla.org with any questions!