Aberdeen, UK

Author: Angela Newsam

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

AFES Meeting – Joint interpretation of magnetic resonance fluid volumes and resistivity-based water saturation – a missed opportunity?

Speaker: Geoffrey Page, Baker Hughes Abstract: The accurate quantification of fluid volumes is one of the most important tasks for determining the economic value of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Resistivity-based fluid saturation calculations have been established for many decades with known benefits and challenges. More recently, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology has developed as an alternative, robust…
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PDF copies of presentations from AFES Cased Hole Logging Seminar 2016

The following list contains PDFs of talks from the seminar for which the speaker granted permission for release. One or two talks have been ‘sanitized’ for this purpose. Permission for release was not possible for all talks. If you want further information on some of the materials presented, try visiting the relevant website. Speaker Company…
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AFES Seminar – Cased Hole Logging

The AFES Cased Hole Logging Seminar will focus on the petrophysical problems and solutions that will appeal to petrophysicists, engineers and geologists as well as university students.  Come listen and gain an overview on what is ‘hot’ in cased hole logging.  Speakers come from a range of operators, service companies and academia – please see…
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AFES Meeting – Pressure communication and FWL detection in low mobility formations

Speaker: Virochan Ganjoo, Baker Hughes In 2014 an exploration well was drilled on the northern flank of the Cygnus Field in the UK North Sea. Cygnus is the largest offshore gas field to be discovered in the Southern North Sea in the last 25 years and is expected to contribute 5% to UK gas production…
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AFES Meeting – Generate value from ditched materials: QEMSCAN analysis of cuttings

Ditch cuttings represent a hugely underutilized resource that QEMSCAN analysis can transform into value generating data. Traditional challenges to working with cuttings are overcome using FEI’s iDiscover software.  Formation properties are isolated from drilling mud contaminants by ‘digital washing’ of the images and data.  Whole rock formation porosity, mineralogy and other properties can be estimated…
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14th Annual AFES Quiz Night – 25th November 2015

Station Hotel Ballroom, Aberdeen at 6.30pm. Come and enjoy the quiz along with some beats from the Richard Arnold music collection.  Teams of up to 5 (£25/team) light buffet and drinks included. Funds raised will go to Aberdeen Children’s Hospital A.R.C.H.I.E. Fund.     Download the AFES Quiz Night poster

AFES Sponsored Students Presentations – 11th November 2015

AFES has over the years awarded various grants to researchers and students of Scottish universities to assist in their projects.  This evening is an opportunity for the awardees to present their current work and for the membership to gain insight as to where the grants have been awarded.  Presentations will be ~10 minutes with 5…
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AFES Meeting – Alternative Nuclear-based Technologies to Mitigate Risks of Well Logging Sources – 9th September 2015

Nuclear logging tools using radioisotopes, Am-241 and Cs-137, are critical for reservoir characterization and related completion and production decisions. Being small, mobile and often used in politically unstable regions, these sources can pose radiological dispersal device (RDD) or so-called ‘dirty bomb’ risks.  This concern has been exacerbated by recent stolen/missing source incidents, existence of a…
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