Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting: 18th September, 2019

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


The evening’s talk will be given by Gaia Earth Science’s Guy Wheater.  Guy will present and discuss wireline cable sticking risk assessment & mitigation – a system to enable wireline deployment in challenging and tortuous well bores:

“Stuck cable can be hugely problematic during wireline operations. It can result in cancelled surveys, fishing operations or wiper trips with additional wireline runs and/or pipe-conveyed logging. Guy will discuss the design and development of a cable protection system that predicts and mitigates the risk of cable sticking in challenging wells (e.g. tortuous side tracks with soft or depleted formations). Lessons from ≈ 100 worldwide deployments of wireline standoffs will be shared (99% success rate), covering well design, logging techniques, and the challenges of being an “oil service start-up”.”


18th September 2019

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