Aberdeen, UK

AFES Meeting: 13th November, 2019

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

Slides available for download here:    Mud Gas Interpretation_General

Integrating Surface and Downhole Measurements for Reservoir Fluid Characterization While Drilling

Maneesh Pisharat, Domain Champion (Europe & Africa), GSS – Surface  Formation Evaluation, Schlumberger

Abstract: New designs in mud gas systems have been instrumental in providing quality data for interpretation purpose. Lighter hydrocarbons accessible to advanced mud gas analysis assist in pay zone delineation and identification of fluid contacts. Many recent published articles provide case studies where results from mud gas analysis have been integrated with other measurements to estimate hydrocarbon density, saturation, permeability, biodegradation, maturity, fractionation, seal efficiency etc. Various factors needed to consider while selecting an appropriate mud gas system for a well and their influence on measured composition together with some applications will be presented.

BiographyManeesh Pisharat

Maneesh Pisharat is a Senior Petroleum Geologist with Schlumberger. He is specialized in formation evaluation using surface measurements and provides technical support primarily in advanced mud gas measurements and drilled cutting analysis. Previously he held various roles in surface logging with Geoservices in Asia & Europe. He has over 20 years of experience in surface logging and has co-authored technical papers and delivered technical courses for various societies.

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