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Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


1st of October 2019 (i.e September committee meeting)

Minute of Meeting

Apologies:  John Banks, Ali Swan, Alex, Tegwyn, Kostas, Damien, Jeremy, Ed, Craig

Present:  Chee Kong, Greg, Stephen, Neil (dial in) and Ebrahim (dial in)

**Discussions featured Coronavirus – and that we need to be prepared for speakers and attendees not wanting/able to travel.  We’ll review each event as the Cornavirus issues develop**

Events – past and future:


  • Evening talk February 12th will be Steve Cuddy. 31 folk in room – a pleasant surprise from previous talks.  Not sure if time of year, AFES marketing or Steve’s presence which increased numbers.  Lets hope this continues.
  • Evening social 20th February – ‘Lane7’ bowling –  5x folk, including Steve and Greg.  Nice manageable group made for a fun evening.  Greg will consider repeating in Autumn


  • Nigel Clegg (HLB) will talk 11th March at Station Hotel
  • PremierCorex workshop tour early 2020 – 18th March – work in progress with Richard Arnold
  • Full day seminar 2nd April “Core: the most valuable asset in your reservoir
    • Stephen as secured 12 speakers and a draft programme is created. Greg will release this programme to the membership early w/c 9th March
    • One speaker will present remotely – Stephen and Greg will investigate/test this approach before event
  • Stephen will organize a field trip in july.St Cyrus (south of Stonehaven)
  • Devex –  Devex (May) is in hand care of Ed
  • 2020 evening Seminars –  Chee Kong.  SPWLA DS most of next year:
    • Stein Ottar –           April
    • Stacey Althaus –           May
    • Break? –           June
    • Harry Xie –           July
    • Craig Buchan –           September
    • AGM –           October
    • Mattias (Shell) –           November

Students and Universities:

Kemi Olofinnika PhD student applicant has recently been paid.  £1000


Finances are in order.  Balances available on request to Neil


Chee Kong hosted dial in facility through MS Teams.  Ebrahim and Neil joined the meeting this way.  It worked well although sound a bit distorted.  Small portable speaker for next time – good use of technology

WhatsApp chat window set up – should make comms easier (more fun..) and reduce email for everyone

Cloud drive organized by Chee Kong – Greg has posted the AFES mailing list onto this.  Please use this mailing list going forwards. IF sending out a bulk email please consult with Greg first – as we can usually coordinate marketing of events.

We have new global tracker app on AFES website which indicates where website ‘hits’ are based. Please have a look for fun, and if your anywhere exotic please check out the AFES website and increase our global footprint

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