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Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society



3rd September 2020

Minutes from Meeting

meeting held at 16:00 via Zoom:




Greg – host

Chee kong, Neil,




John, Ed, Damien

Topic: AFES August committee meeting

Time: Sep 3, 2020 04:00 PM London


Meeting ID: 937 9034 8322

Passcode: EsvH4u



Events – planned:


  • Full day seminar 2nd and 9rd September “Core: the most valuable asset in your reservoir


  • ~80 delegates from the 2nd Sept session – great work.
  • Free event and easy to administer and manage
  • Easy for delegates and speakers alike
  • Hope this will increase membership list (currently ~270)
  • Link to seminar recording is hidden on youtube and this only available to membership (who will receive the link)
  • Proposed next seminar is 21st April – theme suggested is porosity and permeability (actual seminar)
    • Possibly have this event actual (we are committed with the Crowne Plaza Hotel) and also virtual via web link



  • Field trip in August – had to cancel Ythan Estuary field trip.  Greg and Stephen will look into w/c 14th sept for next attempt to host this (it also offers social aspect – much needed).  Note Tuesday 15th has low tide at 18:47



  • Devex –  Devex  September 21st for that week  There is not a financial penalty associated with this.
    • The programme will be published very soon
    • 5 days of afternoon sessions


  • 2020 “evening” Seminars –  Chee Kong.  SPWLA DS most of next year:


    • 7th October        –  Craig Buchan (TaskFronterra) + AGM
    • 11th November  –  Nixan Saxena / Matthias Appel (Shell)  –  Digital rock technology for accelerated RCA & SCAL: Application envelope and required corrections
    • 18th November  –  Read Cased Hole  –  Topic TBD
    • December – possibly LR speaker courtesy of Tegwyn
    • 13th January      –  Paul Craddock Schlumberger  –   Thermal maturity-adjusted log interpretation (TMALI) in organic shales


We also have interest of speakers from:

  • PetroLink (our contact at PetroLink is Max Sheridan)
  • Alberto Ortiz (YPF, Argentina on unconventionals). SPWLA speaker.    Greg has emailed Alberto (CC Chee Kong)
  • Vassilios Kelessidis on Drilling Optimization (Kostas is our contact with Vassilios)


Students and Universities:

Ebrahim / Alistair – we have granted sponsorship to Vagia Ioanna Makri for £500.  We have not heard back from this individual for their bank details.

Greg will approach Geoff Page for a new student rep


Finances are good.  Balances available on request

Website / IT

  • Linked in
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Mailing list



Christmas quiz is, at present, unlikely to be held.  But how to raise money for Archie?   We could have some sort of lighthearted, money raising aspect to the Dec talk potentially?

SPWLA             –           no updates


AGM – committee positions and format of AGM.  Suggest format will be web based once again.


Greg, Stephen and Chee Kong are happy to remain in their current roles.  However, Greg and Stephen are coming to the end of their tenure, and so if anyone is interested in these positions please let us know.


Jeremy wishes to stand down from Media Officer to SC, Alex I understand is happy to step up

Damien happy to remain on SC

Greg will discuss with Ed on Monday how to canvass membership input during social distancing/lockdown

Neil will generate finance slides

Any other desires to step up, or even step down (or even step out with AFES) please let us all know


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