Aberdeen, UK


Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society



2nd of April 2020

Minutes of Meeting


Due to current COV19 situation, the meeting was held – very successfully – via Zoom.


Present:  Kostas, Craig, Alex, Tegwyn, Damien, John, Stephen, Chee Kong, Greg, Neil


Events – past and future:


  • Nigel Clegg (HLB) will talk 11th March at Station Hotel – ~18 persons in room. Slides are on website for download


Postponed events due to COVID-19

  • PremierCorex workshop tour early 2020 – postponed from 18th March until further notice


  • Full day seminar 2nd April “Core: the most valuable asset in your reservoir
    • Postponed to early September to miss Devex.
    • Crowne Plaza Hotel is aware
    • Suggested that this event is free, or small charge** – this was well accepted by Committee and can be developed nearer the time. The idea behind having a FoC event is to reflect the low oil price, competition with Devex, and use this event to encourage a higher attendance, and thus increase AFES profile within the community.  The idea is that this FoC event will see an increase in AFES membership and thus Wednesday evening speaker attendance.  (i.e FoC event to act as AFES marketing)

** nominal fee to donate to charity, or cover food costs etc

  • 22nd April evening talk postponed (Stein Ottar, Equinor) –           Kostas will update Station Hotel
  • 20th May evening talk postponed (Stacey Althaus, Aramco) –           Kostas will update Station Hotel
  • We’ll monitor future evening talks as this COV19 situation develops
  • Field trip in July .St Cyrus (south of Stonehaven) – we’ll react to this nearer the time depending on how COV19 affects us
  • Devex –  Devex (May 5th and 6th) is postponed until September 25th and 26th .  There is a Devex cancellation cost of ~£1400 which AFES will shoulder (same amounts for SPE and PESGB).  The decision to postpone Devex was supported by AFES Committee, ref email sent to committee by Greg on 16th March 2020.


  • 2020 evening Seminars –  Chee Kong.  SPWLA DS most of next year:
    • Harry Xie –           July
    • Craig Buchan –           September
    • AGM –           October
    • Mattias (Shell) –           November

AFES will review these speakers nearer the time of each event and take into account COV19 situation and any travel restrictions.

Students and Universities:

Ebrahim / Alistair – no updates as Universities are closed


Finances are ok – all invoices paid


  • Craig updated us on SPWLA. The annual symposium (Banff Canada) is now cancelled and next symposium is 2021 (Houston or Boston..?)
  • Appetite for webcasting future evening talks – either during an extended COV19 scenario or in more general terms once we are past these challenging times. Only concern is that it may further dissuade physical attendance at the talks


LPS is attempting webinar broadcast of their events.  We can take experiences from them and apply to AFES



  • Alex will update AFES website with details of postponement of events – in particular update the Devex posts to indicate Devex is now tentatively rescheduled for late September




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