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29th of July 2020

Minutes of Meeting

meeting held at 17:00 via Zoom:

Topic: AFES Committee July 29th 2020

Time: Jul 29, 2020 05:00 PM London


Meeting ID: 977 6156 7241

Passcode: K7ngV1




Greg – host

Chee kong, Neil , Jeremy, Stephen, Kostas, Tegwyn, Ali, Ebrahim, Craig, John, Ed, Alex, Derek, Damien



Greg, Chee Kong, Stephen, Kostas, Craig



Events – planned:

Full day seminar 3rd September “Core: the most valuable asset in your reservoir

  • We decided to run this event 100% virtually
  • Stephen will contact Crowne Plaza Hotel to try to delay our booking into next year (and we’ll use this booking for another, hopefully physical, seminar on a new topic)
  • We decided to run the virtual seminar using real speakers (i.e not recorded but speaking live), over 2x consecutive Wednesdays (i.e 3rd Sept and 10th), running 4 talks on each of these days in ~3hr blocks
  • Stephen will contact speakers seeking their commitment to this approach and then we can organise webinar platforms (Teams, Zoom etc) and begin to market the event

Field trip in August

    • Stephen and Greg walked St Cyrus and not appropriate due to access to key area
    • We are now discussing Ythan Estuary as contingent
    • 18th August work for tide time
    • The field trip can be held with good, inherent, social distant measure
    • Greg and Stephen will recce Ythan Estuary at 1700 Friday 31 july – feel free to join us for a strol!


  • Devex – Devex (May 5th and 6th) is postponed until September 24th and 25th . Devex is likely to be held a series of webinar over a one week period. Options to cancel, postpone or offer in actual physical format have been discounted
  • 2020 “evening” Seminars – Chee Kong. SPWLA DS most of next year:
    • The next webinar is Harry Xie, 1700 5th August –           this event is now well organised, with 21 delegates registered. Kostas will send bulk email to membership on Monday 3rd August as reminder
    • Craig Buchan –           September
    • AGM –           October
    • Marco Pirrone –           October
    • Mattias (Shell) –           November

We also have interest of speakers from:

PetroLink (our contact at PetroLink is Max Sheridan)

Alberto Ortiz (YPF, Argentina on unconventionals). SPWLA speaker. Greg has his details

Vassilios Kelessidis on Drilling Optimization (Kostas is our contact with Vassilios)


Students and Universities:

Ebrahim / Alistair – we have granted sponsorship to Vagia Ioanna Makri for £500


Finances are good. Balances available on request

Website / IT

  • Linked in
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Mailing list



SPWLA             –           no updates

AGM – committee positions and format of AGM

Greg, Stephen and Chee Kong are happy to remain in their current roles. However, Greg and Stephen are coming to the end of their tenure, and so if anyone is interested in these positions please let us know.



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