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1st of October 2019 (i.e September committee meeting)

Minute of Meeting

Apologies: Jeremy, John, Ed, Chee Kong, Ebrahim, Neil, Craig

Present: Kostas, Stephen, Greg, Ali (new student rep), Richard

General Comments:

  • Altus workshop tour (4th sept): was cancelled due to only 5 folk interested. GB will organise a workshop tour probably with Craig Lindsay early 2019
  • Full day seminar on 11th September – went well, with 25 folk in room. ~£300 profit (£725 costs, £1020 revenue). Wei wei was awarded the student trophy. Thanks for committee support at the event. Thanks to Stephen for organising. Great venue.
  • Gaia presented on 18th September (evening). Thanks to Steph for organising.
  • Please welcome Alex Kaye (LR) to the committee
  • Please welcome student rep Ali Swan to the committee. Greg gave brief presentation to IPG students on 25th Sept and sourced a student rep (Ali)

Upcoming events:

  • AGM:   John has already made all the arrangements for the coming AFES AGM. As always it will be at the Aberdeen Town House on Union Street, Town and County Hall @ 18:00, 9th of October. Greg is working on slide pack and has updated constitution. Note that the SPWLA chartership agreement will need to be ratified at the AGM.
  • AGM has off-topic speaker, to which AFES has donated £150 to Motor Neuron Disease charity (at request of speaker)
  • Note Greg may be (probably be) offshore and so won’t be at AGM Ebrahim – update of sponsored students required plsKostas will send email reminder later this week (~4th Oct)
  • Ed is organising formal ratification of committee roles
  • Neil – we’ll need financial slide pack (suggest a few slides).
  • Greg, Stephanie and Chee Kong mention a SPWLA Distinguished speaker late October – Stephanie: is this something we can do?
  • Stephanie: are we able to host a December evening seminar?
  • Coming Evening Seminar, 13th November; Station Hotel venue is organised
  • Xmas quiz – is going ahead, Richard will organise and need help nearer to the event. Will use hotel PA system
  • Devex – no updates
  • 2020 evening seminars – No updates, SPWLA DS organised for February by Chee Kong

Students and Universities:

  • Ebrahim can help us get a student warm up speaker (for 13th November)?
  • Greg meet the AU IPG students on 25th September, gave brief presentation and organised student rep – Ali Swan – by class held vote


Current account              £695

Savings account               £69,985


Stephen suggested Operator lunch and learn sessions to raise profile of AFES. Greg and Stephen will begin to role this out of next few months

We have new global tracker app on afes website which indicates where website ‘hits’ are based. Please have a look for fun, and if your anywhere exotic please check out the afes website and increase our global footprint ?

AFES committee are politely reminded that we, as a committee, should be fully paid up members of SPWLA (~£80 pa)

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