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Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


29th of April 2020

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting was held virtually via Zoom:

Topic: AFES Committee Meeting

Time: Apr 29, 2020 04:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 965 4101 1553

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Ed, John, Chee Kong, Alex, Kostas, Greg, Tegwyn

Events – past and future:

Postponed events due to COVID-19

  • PremierCorex workshop tour early 2020 – postponed from 18th March until further notice
  • Full day seminar 2nd April “Core: the most valuable asset in your reservoir
    • Stephen has postponed to 3rd September to miss Devex. (Devex is 24th and 25th Sept, LPS have an event scheduled for 10th Sept)
    • Crowne Plaza Hotel is aware
    • Suggested that this event is free, or small charge
    • Nearer time we’ll have to decide to host the event or cancel. We may have to offer some sort of option to attend in person, or virtual attendance to promote social distancing.
  • Field trip in July. St Cyrus (south of Stonehaven) – we’ll react to this nearer the time depending on how Covid19 affects us
  • Devex – Devex (May 5th and 6th) is postponed until September 24th and 25th . The ~£1400 cancellation charge may not be relevant as the event has been postponed due to Covid19, and as such the cancellation charges may have been waived.

Devex may be cancelled completely however. Ed will update on this situation as and when information available

  • 2020 evening Seminars – Chee Kong. SPWLA DS most of next year:
    • 20th May evening talk (Stein Ottar, Equinor)
    • 20th May evening talk postponed (Stacey Althaus, Aramco)
    • Harry Xie –           July
    • Craig Buchan –           September
    • AGM –           October
    • Marco Pirrone –           October
    • Mattias (Shell) –           November

Because Covid19 issues are now looking semi-permanent, these events will probably be webinars. As such, we (AFES) will look into combining webinars with LPS, as we were originally intending to share speakers prior to Covid19 lockdown


Webinars could be hosted using Zoom software. This is limited to 100 persons but John B should be able to use the Total’s Zoom account.

Chee Kong, Greg and Kostas will work with LPS to produce these events.


Students and Universities:

Ebrahim / Alistair – no updates as Universities are closed


Finances – all current. Insurance paid in last month which covers us for field trip and also Devex field trip


Alex will adjust his photo to be moved up to “Communications/Media Officer” on the committee page of the website


Good discussions on the use of IT:

  • Linked in – Greg has contacted Bee (previous AFES committee member) and she has made Greg ‘manager’ of linked in AFES page

Greg/Kostas will try to resurrect the linkedin page


  • Mailchimp – Tegwyn and Alex will look at using mailchimp to provide a better PR tool for AFES, including better monthly bulletins and general marketing / image of AFES. There were concerns as to the compatibility of mailchimp with Ionos hosting site. Alex and Tegwyn will look into this


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