Aberdeen, UK


Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


28th of May 2020

Meeting Minutes

meeting held at 17:00 via Zoom


greg – host

chee kong







Events – past and future:

Postponed events due to COVID-19

  • PremierCorex workshop tour early 2020 – postponed from 18th March until further notice


  • Full day seminar 2nd April “Core: the most valuable asset in your reservoir


  • Again we suggested leaving decision about the seminar until nearer to September
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel is aware
  • Suggested that this event is free, or small charge
  • Nearer time we’ll have to decide to host the event or cancel. We may have to offer some sort of option to attend in person, or virtual attendance to promote social distancing
  • We may offer series of webinars over a few days but this depends on CV status nearer the time


  • Field trip in July. St Cyrus (south of Stonehaven)
    • Stephen and greg will make a reconnaissance sometime in June
    • The field trip can be held with good, inherent, social distant measure
  • Devex – Devex (May 5th and 6th) is postponed until September 24th and 25th . No more updates on Devex
  • 2020 evening Seminars – Chee Kong. SPWLA DS most of next year:
    • The recent webinar was on 20th May evening talk (Stein Ottar, Equinor) – went very well. We had 19 delegates (from 52 registered). Its thought Linked in helped promote the event. The event was smooth and well received. Thanks to all involved.


  • The next webinar could be Stacey Althaus, Aramco – Chee Kong will contact Stacey and see if she would like to present (webinar) middle June (note SPWLA events start June 24th). This will be planned for late afternoon to accommodate USA time zone

Additional webinars/talks will be

  • Harry Xie –           July
  • Craig Buchan –           September
  • AGM –           October
  • Marco Pirrone –           October
  • Mattias (Shell) –           November

Because Covid19 issues are now looking semi-permanent, these events will probably be webinars.

Chee Kong suggested that in future, our ‘normal’ Station Hotel events are webcast as well as real.

Students and Universities:

Ebrahim / Alistair – no updates as Universities are closed



Note Devex delays will reduce AFES annual revenue. However because we are saving on Station Hotel costs and also no students this has reduced costs. Bank balances available on request to AFES

Website / IT

  • Linked in – Chee Kong and Kostas will looking into this. We now have 3x AFES linked in pages.  Hopefully we can move forwards with just one Linkedin page
  • Mailchimp – Tegwyn and Alex will look at using mailchimp to provide a better PR tool for AFES, including better monthly bulletins and general marketing / image of AFES. There were concerns as to the compatibility of mailchimp with Ionos hosting site. Alex and Tegwyn will look into thi
  • Alex (via Tegwyn) mentioned refreshing website. Greg will speak with Alex but in general sounds a great idea




Tegwyn is involved with SPWLA web based annual symposium. SPWLA are conducting a series of webinars over several week: 80+ technical papers over six weeks in three time zones.

On Wednesday each week starting June 24th thru July 29th. They are using ‘gotowebinar’ for their platform.

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