Aberdeen, UK


Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


28th May 2019

Minutes of Meeting


Greg, Neil, Ebrahim, Kostas, Sean, Stephen


Students and Universities:

PhD funding for Zhihua Cui (UofA) has been paid (Neil to double check this £1000 payment has been made)

Mohamed Garum (Leeds) has been directed to LPS via Ebrahim.

2019 best student is Wei Wei Jong. A cheque will be awarded at AFES full day seminar (11th Sept) for award of cheque and trophy (£250). Ed has spoken to Wei wei


Student relationships

Greg will speak with Geoff Page (UofA) prior to the September student intake.

Greg has PoC at Heriot Watt and has been in contact – trying to promote AFES and also distribute where AFES donates its fund to

Greg has spoken and emailed RGU – Reza Sanaee Course Leader Drilling and Well Engineering and has established a relationship with RGU

Sean advised to current course leader is leaving and will be replaced by Prof Adrian Huntley

Trophy – Greg has had the trophy updated with recent names of UofA best students. Sean will now take trophy back to display case at UofA.

Alfie Mackie has applied for an MSc grant – AFES committee has agreed to pay Alfie £500. Neil will make payment, Ebrahim will also ask Alfie if he is able to present at AFES September seminar (18th) (keeping Stephanie in the loop)



Chrysaor suggested as potential sponsor

Read (£500) and WFT (£1500) monies received – yes, confirm by Neil



Remain at 79%, 76 respondents (from ~170) (thanks Chee Kong)

AFES membership list direct to SPWLA?   – yes, Kostas will send the entire AFES membership email list over to SPWLA. Greg will advise Kostas on the specifics


Events and Talks:

Upcoming full day seminar. 11th September. Title needs some tweaking but suggested is ‘Saturation height Modelling & Late Life Petrophysics’. Greg and Stephen (and Stephanie..?) will start work on marketing this

Altus workshop tour. Greg will begin to organise this with Robert Maddock 4th Sept

Field trip – 30th May. Highland boundary fault, Stonehaven. Flyer on website. Kostas to send out second reminder to membership – although the weather is looking awful (Thursday and Friday!)

LPS event 20th June for information. Stephen is presenting, Greg will be in audience

Greg needs to talk with Steph regarding 2020’s evening talks etc. Greg would like more operator talks if possible – aiming to draw in more delegates (we had 15 for May’s evening talk), and using the SPWLA Distinguished and regional speakers – list available on spwla website

There is also discussions regarding Sharing speakers with LPS



Devex profits not yet released. Profits expected to be good. Devex profits shared between AFES, PESGB and SPE

AFES’s Ed will be heading up Devex 2020 – everyone, please feel free to join the Devex committee and support Ed

Charity – The Archie charity cheque (£1000) was paid at Devex, hopefully the field trip will generate some funds to recoup this donation




LPS have linked in page – everyone, please ‘like’ (or equivalent) and help support our sister organisation the LPS

Monies – £1000 current account, £62000 savings account.

Discussion on what to do with this money – touched on donating more to students/universities, spending more on our events to add more ‘sparkle’, investing the money in gilts/bonds etc, some investment to at least keep pace with inflation. Ongoing subject to be reviewed. Greg asked Neil if he’d be interested in administrating some form of low risk investing (bonds/gilts?)

Next meeting will be a curry night for the committee – last Thursday in June 27th….? Kostas to send out meeting curry invite as soon as practical to the committee.




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