Aberdeen, UK


Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society


23rd July 2019

Minutes of Meeting


Greg, Ed, Richard, Chee kong, Craig, Sean


Ebrahim, Kostas, John, Neil, Stephen and Jeremy, Damien

FYI the current committee is:


Chee Kong Chen Jeremy Titjen
Craig Lindsay John Banks
Damien Dennison Konstantinos Christou
Ebrahim Heydari Neil Cardy
Ed Downer Tegwyn Perkins
Greg Blower Richard Arnold
Derek Littlejohn Sean Little
Stephen Morris Stephanie Morris


Students and Universities:

2019 best student is Wei Wei Jong. A cheque will be awarded at AFES full day seminar (11th Sept) for award of cheque and trophy (£250).

Recent student grants awarded to (as agreed at committee meeting (curry night) in June)…

John Laing £500

Sean Little £500

Girvani Manohanan £1000

Xanat Hernandez £1000

Still need bank details for Chibum – Sean will speak to Chibum and forward bank details to Ebrahim (and Neil)

More recent applications from:

Aisling Sloan           committee agreed to sponsor. Ebrahim is aware

Fraser Scott            committee agreed to sponsor. Ebrahim is aware


Field trip

Held on 2nd July. Great success – thanks to SM for hosting. Field trip generated £180 – this is for charity. Website updated.


Workshop tour

Altus Interventions (c/o Robert Maddock). 4th September. GB is liaising with RM and will publish flyer etc. Website updated.

If this ‘shop tour goes well and is of benefit to the host then potential for another early 2020.


Full day seminar

11th September. Please push the ‘call for abstracts’ flyer as mush as possible as very low interest from any speakers and I fear this will be cancelled costing AFES ~£800.

  • GB will try Taqa (D Littlejohn), HLB and SLB
  • Chee Kong will try Angus Ritchie, Total, ENI.
  • Richard may have speaker on cores

**bear in mind currently we have 4 speakers so not enough for the event – please push this within your circles**


Evening talks

Will resume 18th September with Gaia wireline standoffs. Is Station Hotel aware? Kostas to book/inform Station Hotel

GB considering asking Impact Selector to present a poster at the evening

October evening talks could be a suite of student talks..?



JB organizing AGM. We have offtopic speaker. Date at 9th October. Ed will supply template slide pack to GB.


Xmas quiz

Tentative date set of 28th November. Ballroom to be booked.. Kostas to book/inform Station Hotel. Richard will also need help organising – please lets all help Richard with this ‘flagship’ AFES event.


Committee roles

Steph will be leaving as VP Technical. GB has lots of ideas for evening talks – including Operators, SPWLA speakers, and also Devex speakers. Replacement for Steph– this will be Chee Kong. Chee Kong will begin to handover from Steph



Chrysaor suggested as potential sponsor..?



£13k Devex profits shared between AFES, PESGB and SPE

AFES’s Ed will be heading up Devex 2020 – everyone, please feel free to join the Devex committee and support Ed



CafCash £395

CAF Gold £71,458






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