21st of November 2019

Minutes from AFES Meeting

Present: Stephen, Neil, Ebrahim, Greg, Richard, John, Craig

Apologies: Ali Swan, Chee kong, Jeremy, Kostas, Alex, Damien, Ed

General Comments:

  • Corex workshop tour early 2020 – work in progress

Events – past and future:

  • AGM on 9th Oct
  • November talk very good (Maneesh SLB) but 18 folk in the room
  • Trying to source TaskFrontera for December talk although may defer till 2020 as to near Xmas – John has 5x speaker cut glasses as gifts
  • Xmas quiz – was thoroughly discussed. Currently we think we have ~10 teams (6 booked up).

On the to do list:

  • Kostas will re-confirm Ballroom booked with PA system, projector and tables and sandwiches etc
  • Greg will send out bulk email to membership this afternoon (Friday 22nd)
  • Prizes: Greg has 1st 2nd and 3rd
  • Stephen will bring £100-£200 in £5notes as a float
  • Greg is organising the Archie banner
  • Neil will take photos on the night
  • Richard has a list of potential companies for providing teams and this has been delegated out already
  • Ebrahim will sort 5x prizes (each prize around £10) for the fancy dress winners
  • Greg will send out bulk email on Friday 22nd for the Quiz to membership
  • As many committee members as possible please at the event to help out, add to numbers, enjoy themselves
  • If committee members can bring a raffle prize to be donated to the raffle at the end of the evening


  • Devex – Devex is in hand care of Ed
  • 2020 evening Seminars – Chee Kong. SPWLA DS most of next year. May outstanding as is post Summer 2020

Students and Universities:

Ebrahim commented that many gifted students are not available for the 10 minute presentation. We need to be aware of this and tighten up – particularly for PhD students (who are available in Aberdeen for a longer period of time)


Update from Neil:

£100 current account

Sufficient in savings account

Neil mentioned we’d had a attempt at being scammed. So we must keep up out guard. For this reason I’ll not list AFES bank balances in the minutes (available on request)


Stephen suggested Operator ‘lunch and learn’ sessions to raise profile of AFES. Greg and Stephen will begin to role this out of next few months

Cloud drive organized by Chee Kong – although due to data protection we will NOT post accounts or membership details on this drive

We have new global tracker app on AFES website which indicates where website ‘hits’ are based. Please have a look for fun, and if your anywhere exotic please check out the AFES website and increase our global footprint