Aberdeen, UK

Month: April 2016

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

PDF copies of presentations from AFES Cased Hole Logging Seminar 2016

The following list contains PDFs of talks from the seminar for which the speaker granted permission for release. One or two talks have been ‘sanitized’ for this purpose. Permission for release was not possible for all talks. If you want further information on some of the materials presented, try visiting the relevant website. Speaker Company…
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AFES Seminar – Cased Hole Logging

The AFES Cased Hole Logging Seminar will focus on the petrophysical problems and solutions that will appeal to petrophysicists, engineers and geologists as well as university students.  Come listen and gain an overview on what is ‘hot’ in cased hole logging.  Speakers come from a range of operators, service companies and academia – please see…
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AFES Meeting – Pressure communication and FWL detection in low mobility formations

Speaker: Virochan Ganjoo, Baker Hughes In 2014 an exploration well was drilled on the northern flank of the Cygnus Field in the UK North Sea. Cygnus is the largest offshore gas field to be discovered in the Southern North Sea in the last 25 years and is expected to contribute 5% to UK gas production…
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