Aberdeen, UK

PDF copies of presentations from AFES Cased Hole Logging Seminar 2016

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

The following list contains PDFs of talks from the seminar for which the speaker granted permission for release. One or two talks have been ‘sanitized’ for this purpose. Permission for release was not possible for all talks. If you want further information on some of the materials presented, try visiting the relevant website.

Speaker Company Topic
Michael Webster BP The changing face of in-well surveillance (pdf)
Mohammed Abshenas TGT Oil Behind casing flow detection and formation pressure measurement using spectral noise logging (pdf)
David Lavery Halliburton Case Study: Injection water flow mapping in complex completions using integrated pulsed neutron and production logging techniques (pdf)
Roberto Rinaldi Weatherford Case Study: The next generation pulse neutron tool – The Raptor (pdf)
Yu Ling Wu Shell Safety and operational risk mitigation by integrity logging for a well decommissioning activity (pdf)
Stuart Large Fotech Solutions How fibre optic sensor technology optimises well interventions and produces a more economical abandonment strategy (pdf)
Chiara Cavalleri Schlumberger Improved cased-hole formation evaluation: the added value of high definition spectroscopy measurement (pdf)
Trevor Beresford Spartek Production logging – new technologies (pdf)
Ross Brackenridge LR Synergy Production logging – conventional vs array tool interpretation (pdf)


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