AFES 2019 Seminar ‘Reissued’ Call for Papers

AFES 2019 Seminar ‘Reissued’ Call for Papers

This is a 2nd call for verbal and/or poster presentations for the ‘rescheduled’ 2019 AFES Seminar.

Cut-off for speaker participation is 8th August

Contributions are invited but not limited to the following topics:

  • Extraction of hydrocarbon from poorer quality rock after the easily producible has been extracted
  • Residual oil saturation estimation after flooding: how it is measured and evolves over time
  • Using petrophysical parameters that were tuned to the easily producible hydrocarbons
  • Little, or no core data from the poorer quality rock
  • How we determine the benefits of tertiary and EOR recovery methods
  • Petrophysics of well abandonment

Please submit offers of verbal and/or poster presentations (and any questions) to

Sponsorship opportunities are available.  Please contact Stephen if your organisation would be interested in helping to support this event.


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25 July 2019